Louis Walkden's movie spoof of Aladdin and the King of Thieves


  • Buster Baxter as Aladdin
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Jasmine
  • Archibald the Koala as Genie
  • Sam as Iago
  • G9 as Abu
  • Gogol as Sultan
  • Gromit as Rajah
  • Baron Greenback as Razoul
  • Stiletto, Pandaminion, Dawn/The Princess, Snowman, Dr. Loo-Cifer, Birch Badboy, Isambard Kingkong Brunel, Megahurtz, Quark, Sinister Mouse, Ian and Dr. Augustus P. Crumhorn III as Razoul's Guards
  • Rabbit as Cassim
  • Robert the Terrible as Saluk
  • Jenner, Spydra, Prince John and Sir Hiss and J. Worthington Fowlfellow and Gideon, Coconuts, Scratch and Grounder, Sleet and Dingo as Saluk's Men
  • Skippy as Young Aladdin
  • Mrs. Wicket as Oracle
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