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With Jennyanydots.

Bustopher Jones is a twenty five pound cat from Cats the Musical with little white feet.


  • Brian Blessed (Musical; Original London Cast)
  • Stephen Hanan (Musical; Original Broadway Cast)
  • James Barron (1998 Film)
  • James Corden (2019 Film)


  • Allies: The other members of the Jellicle Tribe 
  • Enemies: Macavity 
  • Likes: Singing, eating, clubbing in London 
  • Dislikes: Getting wet and/or dirty, being chased by dogs 
  • Girlfriends: Jennyanydots

Bustopher plays Winnie the Pooh in The Many Adventures of Bustopher Jones

He a stuffed bear

Bustopher played Donner in Mistoffelees the Red-Nosed Jellicle

He a male reindeer

Bustopher plays Marlin in Finding Jennyanydots 

He's an adult clownfish and father to Nemo

Bustopher Jones will play Heimlich in A Character's Life (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

 He is a caterpillar