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Butch Dog (Irish: Butch Madra) (also known as The Irish Dog or Spike) (Irish: An Madra Éireannach) is a dog mostly portrayed as evil, he is a friend/enemy of Droopy who is technically smart and idiotic at the same time. He was created by Frederick Bean Avery, Butch is his 2nd famous character behind Droopy. He appears in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz, etc.

Butch along with Droopy can be seen working together as either guards or police deputies in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz and in the episode Mr. Nobody.

He is greedy, in one episode he wants a Leprechaun (Irish: Leipreachán) because he thinks it make him rich. In another episode he tries to get rid of Droopy to be the "Lucky Dog" and be rich. In the movie "Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes" he locks Droopy in a room full of explosives so Droopy wouldn't get the money prize that the police sheriff offered who'd catch the criminal who stole the diamond first. But because of Cartoon physics Droopy even though clearly he was in the room appears not in the room and then Butch opens the door and the Explosions blast him making his head look like toast. In the end of the movie though, Droopy gets the reward he deserved and Butch ends up with nothing. He also tries to trick him because he's in love, in the Chump Champ he tricks Droopy to get rewarded a girl that looks "cute". Technically Butch wins but when the girl is revealed she's super ugly, Butch screams and runs away but the girl chases him, and Droopy gets the crown.

Him and Droopy can be Neutral/Friends sometimes, also in Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes they play the Toccata and Fugue on the piano together, albeit sending Tom and Jerry flying and they break the glass window to hay with a pitchfork, because of whom were stuck inside the piano and Butch and Droopy were playing too loudly, but overall he and Droopy don't collaborate well together

In The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, Butch is replaced with Spike Bulldog who is enemies with Droopy and caused confusion if Spike or Butch were the same dog, but when Butch finally returned in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring it finally cleared up the confusion as both Butch and Spike appear in the film.

In Double Dog Trouble it is revealed that he has a twin brother named Spike, who gets as mad just like him but unlike him he acts like an ape when he gets mad, a song that only Butch knows calms him down.

He loses in every episode where he's the antagonist, but he wins every episode where he's the protagonist (excluding Garden Gopher), in Ventriloquist Cat and Cat's Meow he gets revenge on the Cat who tricked him to get exploded so much. And in Cock-a-Doodle-Dog he gets revenge on the rooster as he couldn't sleep with the rooster crowing.


Tex Avery and Michael Lah shorts

  • Bad Luck Blackie (prototype/antagonist) (Loses)
  • `Wags to Riches (Antagonist) (Loses)
  • "The Counterfeit Cat" (1949) (Protagonist) (Loses)
  • "Ventriloquist Cat" (1950) (Protagonist) (Wins)
    • "Garden Gopher" (1950) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "The Chump Champ" (1950) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Cock-a-Doodle Dog" (1951) (Protagonist) (Wins)
    • "Daredevil Droopy" (1951) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Droopy's Good Deed" (1951) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Droopy's Double Trouble" (1951) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Magical Maestro" (1952) (Protagonist) (Wins)
    • "Rock-a-Bye Bear" (1952) (Protagonist) (Wins)
    • "Cellbound" (1955) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Millionaire Droopy" (1956) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Cat's Meow" (1957) (Protagonist) (Wins)
    • "Grin and Share It" (1957) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "One Droopy Knight" (1957) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Mutts About Racing" (1958) (Antagonist) (Loses)
    • "Droopy Leprechaun" (1958) (Antagonist) (Loses)


  • Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
  • Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes
  • Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz
  • Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz

Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

Season 2

  • Wing Nuts (Doesn't win or lose)

Season 3

  • Double Dog Trouble (Wins)
  • Bars and Stripes (Doesn't win or lose)

Season 4

  • Ball of Fire (cameo)
  • Who Sled the Dogs Out? (Antagonist) (Loses)

Season 5

  • Mr. Nobody (Doesn't win or lose)


  • He talks in an Irish accent
  • He has a voice quite similar to Shrek's.
  • He doesn't speak the Irish language
  • His original name was Spike, but was renamed to Butch to avoid confusion with Another Dog, however the name Butch is also used by Butch Cat
  • It becomes clear that he's from Ireland as the episode Droopy Leprechaun it shows Droopy taking a flight to Ireland, Butch is shown to be living there


"Top o' the Mornin' to ya!"

"Guards! get this man some water!" - Bars and Stripes

"You stop those guards, boyo, and there will be a nice tip coming your way" - Who Sled the Dogs Out?

"Those fireworks should be going off any minute now, then victory is mine!" (before the fireworks get blown up in his face) - Who Sled the Dogs Out?

(While in the paddy wagon) Butch: How do you like that? me own countrymen, and they wouldn't believe me, and i had him in me palm of me hand i give! Leprechaun: Tsh, Tsh, Now ain't that a shame, and just what you have in the palm of your hands? Butch: Ah, you wouldn't believe it either, but i have me a real... (Realizes) LEPRECHAUN?! A live leprechaun! (looks again) AH, I'M RICH! (No one hears and the Paddy wagon still drives to some small town near Dublin.) - Droopy Leprechaun