CJ Porritt is a Lil Peepz character


CJ played Tiger Lily in Aimee Pan, Erika Pan, Zara Pan, Miss Kelly Pan, Wonder Woman Pan, Super Kayla Pan, Annabelle Pan, Suzy Pan, Luna Girl, Victoria Pan, Omega Vortex Pan, Penny Pan, Starfire Pan, Raven Pan, Annie Pan, Misty Pan, May Pan, Jade Pan, Royal Starburst Pan, Aurora Star Pan, Princess Starlet Pan, Karolina Dean Pan, Hilda Pan

CJ played Mufasa in The Human King, The Human King 2: Gumball's Pride

CJ played Aladdin in CJladdin, CJladdin: The Return of Mr. Nezzar, CJladdin: The King of Thieves, CJladdin (Tv series)

CJ played Lois Lane in Karolina Dean, Pulsar Pureheart, Super Kelly, Super Erika, Super Ashley, Super Layla, Super Kristin Marie, Super Aimee, Super Suzanne, Super Zara, Super Kayla, Super Starfire, Magenta Tsuru, Super Miss Flowers, Super Princess and Super Troia

CJ played Adult Nala in The Superhero Queen, The Superhero Queen 2: Susan Hurley's Pride, The Superhero Queen 1 1/2

CJ played Megara in Aimeecules, Zaracules, Erikacules, Suzannecules

CJ (with Sunset Shimmer) played Phil in Starfirecules

CJ played Quasimado's Mother in The HunchDawson of Notre Dame

CJ played Quasimado in The HunchPorritt of Notre Dame, 2

CJ played Sultan in Taylorladdin, Cathyladdin and Marissaladdin

CJ played Thumbelina in Thumbelina (Male version)

CJ played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Handsome

CJ played Snow White in CJ White and the Seven Equestria Girls

CJ played Danny Cat in Families Don't Dance

CJ played Olive Oyl in Miss Kellyeye, Aimeeye, Zaraeye, Aurora Stareye, Meteorite-Eye, Britnneyeye, Victoriaeye, Suzanneye, Kristin Marie-Eye, Kaylaeye, Cassie Eye and Pi Platinumeye

CJ played Kuzco in The Girl's New Groove, AJ Lee's New Groove, Torrie Wilson's New Groove, CJ's New Home

CJ played Jasmine in CJLaddin (Gender Swap), Troialaddin and Julie Powerladdin

CJ played Claire Bennet in Heroes (Female version)

CJ played Spider-Man in Spider-Knight

CJ played Marco Diaz in Nikki Bella vs The Forces of Evil, Abby Davignon vs The Forces of Evil


Vinny Porritt - Brother

Stephen Porritt - Brother

Susan Hurley - Mom

Otis Porritt - Dad

Karolina Dean - Girlfriend

Michelle - Aunt

Scott - Uncle

Aimee Davignon - Cousin

Cheryl - Great Aunt

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