Cale Tucker


Cale Tucker is the protagonist in Titan A.E.

He is a street rat

Cale Tucker played Georges Hautecourt in The Aristobugs

He is a lion

He is a baboon

Cale Tucker played Buzz Lightyear in Cartoon Story (Austin A Style) Cartoon Story 2 (Austin A Style) Cartoon Story 3 (Austin A Style) and Cale Tucker of Star Comannd: The Adventure Begins

Cale Tucker played Tarzan in Calezan

He is an ape man

Cale Tucker played Butler in The Robot Boy's New Groove

He is a butler

Cale Tucker Played Q (John Cleese) In James Bond Franschies (TheBluesrockz Style)

Cale Tucker Played Dale In Dimitri 'n Cal (391Movies Style)

Cale Tucker played Dr. Elliot Baker in Mighty Magilla Young

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