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Candace plays Sadness in Inside Out (MonkeyMovieMaker's Style)

She is a blue emotion

Candace plays Princess Odette in The Cat Princess (MonkeyMovieMaker Version)

Candace plays Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Disneyland (MonkeyMovieMaker Version)

Candace plays Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (BobandLarryFan Style)

Candace plays Ursula as Vanessa in The Little Mer-Robyn

Candace plays Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (Baddwing Human Style)

She is a mouse

Candace plays Sam, Robert's secretary in Enchanted (CityMaker Style)

She is a secretary

Candace plays Violet Harrington in The Return of Hercules

Candace plays Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Sweetie Bot

She is a scientist.

Candace plays Pearl Krabs in Bugs Bunny (SpongeBob SquarePants) (TheLooneyTunesVideoShowVHSRockz Style)

She is a whale.

Candace plays Little Red Riding Hood in Isabella and Simba

She is a little girl with a red hood.

Candace plays Poppy Peepleson in Isabella (Vampirina)

She is a Vampirina's best friend.

Candace plays 5-Volt in the WolfrunWare series



  • Her appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are Bubblesrella 2: Dreams Come True, The Brave Little Piglet, Kung Fu Owen, Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 8, The Thomas O'Malley Movie, Kermit Returns, Fievel the Red Nosed Mouse and The Island of Misfits, Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 9, Finding Alvin (J.B. Eagle's Style), Animated Tale (TheTure DisneyKing's Style), The Forest Book 2 (TrainBoy43's Style), Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 10, Madagascar (FamousImagination50's Style), Sleeping Beauty (Justin Quintanilla's Style), Aurorastasia, Despicable Me (Justin Quintanilla's Style), We're Back!: A Jungle Animal's Story, Jimmynocchio, and The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18's Style) and will even be in more movie spoof travels.