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Aythya valisineria at Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds.jpg
Canvasback Female 0.jpg

Considered to be the ‘king’ or ‘aristocrat’ of North American ducks due to its distinctive profile, the canvasback (Aythya valisineria) is recognised by the long, stout neck and its thin, wedge-shaped head that slopes upwards from the top of the long bill to the back of the crown. The canvasback displays marked sexual dimorphism. The male has a chestnut-red head and neck, fading into blackish-brown on the face and crown. The breast is black, the back is greyish, and the flanks and belly are a contrasting white. The wing coverts are greyish, and the tail is blackish-brown. In contrast, the female canvasback has a light brown head and beak, with a slightly darker brown chest. The sides and back are greyish-brown. Both the male and female canvasback have a blackish bill and bluish-grey legs and feet.


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