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Captain Chantel DuBois is the female villain (villainess) from Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted.

DuBois played Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (Brermeerkat Style)

She is a fairy

DuBois played Orddu in The Black Cauldron (Brermeerkat Style)

She is a witch

DuBois played Aunt Pristine Figg in James and Sniffles: The Movie and Sylvester and Tweety: The Movie

She is an aunt

DuBois played Scar in The Jaguar Queen

She is a lion

DuBois played Three of the Fates in Gofrettecules

DuBois played Forda in Derek and Anario

DuBois played The Evil Queen in Bridgette White and the Seven Mammals

She is a queen

DuBois played Lady Tremaine in Isabellarella

She is a stepmother

DuBois played Commander Vic Hoskins in Jurassic World (Male or Female Style)

DuBois played Mrs. Tweedy in Feline Run

She is a farmer's wife

DuBois played The Queen of Hearts in Gwen in Wonderland (1951)

She is a fat queen