It's Crandall

Captain Crandall, alias Crandall, is the leader of the titular trio of Teamo Supremo. He is a young orange-haired boy who lives with his unnamed parents, his sister Jean, and his dog Action. He is fascinated with being a superhero, to the point that he believes that he actually is a superhero who hails from another planet, despite the family resemblance between him and his "Earth-mom". When Governor Kevin holds auditions to find a superhero after Baron Blitz escapes from prison, Crandall offers to take up that position, but not without gathering himself a team. He chooses two of his classmates, Hector Corrio and Brenda, as his teammates for their respective skateboarding and jump-roping skills.

In battle, Crandall's weapons consist of his yo-yo, boomerang, shield, and utility belt, provided to him by Level 7. In later episodes, it becomes gradually hinted that the alien superpowers he believes to have may in fact be for real. In "Going It Alone!", he finds an old superhero suit that apparently belonged to him a long time ago. Furthermore, in "Science Friction!", when he loses his temper with the fact that his favorite hangout, the Out of This World Cafe and Museum of the Unknown, is being attacked by what appear to be aliens, his skin turns purple as an apparent result. Finally, in "The Gauntlet's New Gloves!", Crandall manages to lift up the Lobster of Liberty when the Gauntlet attempts to squish him and his teammates under it, and then catches the Gauntlet's energy blasts in his own hands and fires them back at him. Phil Walsh confirmed in an interview that, in later episodes had the show continued, Crandall would've temporarily left the team to find out more about his super powers.

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