Cara E. Harvey (born 1990) is a former ZOOMer from the season 6 of the revived version of ZOOM.


  • The outfit that Cara wore for season 6 looked similar to what Zoe Costello wore for season 2. In the Fannee Doolee segments, she wore a white and orange striped t-shirt along with her blue overalls.
  • Born to Elizabeth and John Harvey, Cara has four older brothers named John, Matthew, Timothy, and Christopher.
  • She also used to have a dog named Popeye.


I've got three: Ramona, Delilah, and Monte.

Pet Profile

Dog named Popeye.

Sibling status

Four older brothers.

More about me

Even though my Aunt Bridie's Irish Bread is one of my favorite things to eat, if I were going to a deserted island and could only take three foods, I'd take: Moose Tracks ice cream, almond crescents, and clementines.

A few more faves

My favorite smell is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies because I know I'll eat them SOON. My favorite photo is of my first dance recital. I'm wearing a floofy, pink, outrageous costume and lots of lipstick. I remember saying, "Mom, I think I need more lipstick."

The coolest gift ever

My brother gave me a coupon "to do something special of my choice" with him. It was special because he is fun to be with.

To be a good friend

If you shoot for the moon, and miss, you'll still land among the stars. So, reach out to someone today...and tickle them!

And to all the ZOOMers out there

Keep on ZOOMing.


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