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Cardigan is a character in Charlotte's Web 2.

Cardigan played Bambi in Cardiambi

He is a deer

Cardigan played Napoleon in Cardigan (Napoleon)

He is a puppy

Cardigan played Timon in The Italian King and The Italian King II: Mario's Pride

He is a meerkat.

Cardigan played Tito in Yoshi and Company

He is a Chihuahua

Cardigan played Oliver in Cardigan & Company

He is a kitten

Cardigan played Roo in Numbuh 2 (a.k.a Winnie the Pooh)

He is a joey

Cardigan played The Hulk in The Incredible Cardihulk

He is a superhero

Cardigan played Alien in Cardialien

He is a Xenomorph

Cardigan played Terminator in The Cardinator

He is a robot

Cardigan played Leonidas in 300 Web

He is a Spartan King.

Cardigan played Totoro in My Neighbor Cardigan

He is a raccoon bear