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Carla, named Charles (シャルル Sharuru) in the Japanese version, is a white-furred Exceed, and Wendy Marvell's partner and guardian. As an egg, she is evacuated to Earth-land along with Happy and 98 other unborn Exceed when her mother, the Exceed Queen Chagot, has a premonition of their realm's destruction. She conceals the evacuation as a mission to kill dragon slayers to prevent a panic. On being hatched by Wendy, Carla's precognition powers, inherited from Chagot, allow her to see visions of future events. She misinterprets Chagot's ruse as her real mission, but the Exceed decides to protect Wendy. Six years later, after defeating the Oración Seis, she joins Fairy Tail. On meeting Happy, Carla is annoyed with his obliviousness to their mission but only reconsiders after Happy ignores the Exceeds' orders and Chagot reveals the truth. After the guild war with Tartaros, Carla learns Transformation Magic to enhance her Magic Power.

Mashima named the character "Charles" after a princess character in a book he once read; she was renamed "Carla" in various countries where "Charles" would be interpreted as a male name.

Voice Actresses

  • Jad Saxton - English
  • Yui Horie - Japanese