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Carmen Mariposa is a Mexican butterfly who is one of the main characters of Let's Go Luna!.

She is voiced by Saara Chaudry.


Carmen is a purple butterfly. Her wings are yellow, with pink stripes and orange dots. She wears a green dress and white boots.


Carmen is a diehard music lover. Her mother is the conductor for the traveling circus, which serves as her inspiration to become a successful musician. Wherever she travels, she always carries her trusty guitar, which has occasionally been used on her adventures.

Out of all the kids in the trio, Carmen is the most kind-hearted and extrovert. She always tries to help her friends whenever they have a problem, and in return, they do the same for her.


Carmen, her family, and her friends are part of a traveling circus known as "Circo Fabuloso", which travels around the world. As a result, she, alongside her friends Andy and Leo are never living in one area at once, and become unfamiliar with their surroundings. Luckily, the three of them have Luna who travels with them all the time, and knows almost everything therein to know about the country they are located within at any given point.

Many of the episodes pertaining to her often focus the music within said nations' cultures to help her solve personal problems, such as what an Indian Sitar or an Aboriginal Didgeridoo is. With the knowledge she learns, she uses them to impress her friends and family with her new findings. In episodes pertaining to her friend's problems, she is often the first one to lend a helping hand.

In "Pulling Strings" she and Andy denounce their friendship after the two argue what they should do that day. The two of them later reconcile after watching a traditional Indian Kathputli puppet show, which combines art and music together to reunite the trio.


  • She has a pet hamster named Honey, who is voiced by Zoe Hatz.
  • She is the only young female member of three.
  • Appropriately, her last name means "Butterfly" in Spanish.
  • Despite the fact that she has wings and is a butterfly, she is flightless.
  • She is the only member of the trio to be bilingual, as she fluently speaks both English and Spanish.
  • Her mom is revealed to love music too.
  • Her home, Mexico, is where the migration of the monarch butterfly ends.
  • She also always carries the Magic Globe with her.


  • Carmen's World Orchestra


  • Te amo/I love you
  • Mom, I Love You
  • This Is My Noble Quest!
  • China loves you Luna
  • I'm Quite Keen
  • Sukkar Parakeet Song
  • When I'm Playing Songs With You