Carnotaurus is the main villain from disney's Dinosaur 
Carnotaurus close-up

He plays Sabor in Thomazan

He plays Genie Jafar in Jesse (Aladdin)

He plays Nightmare Freddy in Five Nights at Baloo's 4: The Final Chapter

He plays Snake Jafar in Brianladdn

He plays Ed in The Animatronic King and The Samra King

He is a laughing hyena

He plays the Shark in The Little Maid

He plays Dragon Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (Hiatt Grey Style)

He plays Sharptooth in The Land Before Time (Hiatt Grey Style)

He plays Hammerhead Shark in The Little Mer-Merida II: Return to the Sea

He plays Death Bear in Regular Show (Punkasaurus0530 Style)

He plays The Barracuda in Finding Lucas the spider, Finding Tim Templeton, and Finding Tails (ANdrewscholte14 Version) 

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