Superwhymovies' Parody of Barney Live! in New York City


  • Caroline as Barney
  • Aline as Baby Bop
  • Nick as B.J.
  • Francesco as the Winkster
  • Chris (ZOOM 70's) as Derek
  • Amy Stanley (YCDTOTV) as Kathy
  • Christine Mcglade (YCDTOTV) as Min
  • Jeff as Shawn
  • Gabi (Sesame Street) as Tosha
  • Andrea Bryne (YCDTOTV) as Julie
  • Betsy Haas as Kelly
  • Shawn (Barney and Friends) as Carlos



This Home Video Marks:

  • the Last Time Amy Stanley appears with her Teddy Bear
  • the Only Caroline the ZOOMer Stage Show without the Adress Song (The Adress Song replaces i Love You in Caroline and the Backyard Gang and Caroline & Friends)
  • The Only Appearance of Francesco and Betsy Haas
  • The Only Time Shawn and Chris appear together
  • the First Appearance of Shawn, he will later appear in Season 3
  • the First Live Appearance of Nick
  • The Final Appearance of Chris until he returns with Amy (ZOOM 70's) as a Guest in On the Move
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