• Robin Hood
  • Prince John:
  • Scooby Doo:
  • Old Woman
  • Red Guy:
  • Guy #1: I don't know.
  • Guy #2: Mommy?
  • Merlock: Close... but incorrect!
  • Old Woman: You must be nuts!
  • Kit:I have a question for you. Who is my greatest rival?
  • Guy #3: Cindy.
  • Wrong
  • Girl: Prince John.
  • Robin Hood:What is the Cartoon Cartoons' Theme Song?
  • (Young Woman Scats)
  • Guy #4: Leader... Powerpuff... Bubbles.
  • Guy #1: That's the theme to the Powderpuff Girls.
  • Jenny McBride, Molly Cunningham, and Nellie the Elephant: What did you just say?
  • Which Fox am I? Come on. Come on. Huh?
  • Cop: Come on. You're Robin, you're Alvin, you're Simon. I love you guys.
  • Announcer: Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Coming Soon to YouTube. You with us?
  • Molly Cunningham: Now say it right.
  • Guy #1: The Powerpuff... Powerpuff Girls. I got it! Okay


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