Cartoon Story is CyberChaseZoneFilms2010's movie-spoof of Toy Story


  • Woody - Robin (Teen Titans Go)
  • Buzz Lightyear - Hiro (Big Hero 6)
  • Mr. Potato Head - Marlin (Finding Nemo)
  • Slinky Dog - Sid (with Manny and Diego as Extras)
  • Rex - Rodney (Robots)
  • Hamm - Donkey (Shrek)
  • Bo Peep - Starfire (Teen Titans Go)
  • Sarge - Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • Soldiers - Autobots (Tranformers)
  • Andy - Matt (Cyberchase)
  • Mrs. Davis - Lois (Family Guy)
  • Molly - Diamond Destiny (Storks)
  • Sid - Snotty Boy (Barnyard)
  • Hannah - Helga (Hey Arnold)
  • Scud - Roscoe and Desoto (sharing the role) (Oliver and Company)
  • Barrel of Monkeys - Marmosets (Rio)
  • Etch - Goddard (Jimmy Neutron)
  • Lenny - Fergus (Thomas and Friends)
  • Mr. Shark - Vinnie (Thomas and Friends)
  • Mr. Spell - Ludwig Von Drake
  • RC - Revvin Evan (Jay Jay the Jet Plane)
  • Robot - Bobert (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  • Rocky Gibraltar - Big the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Snake - Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  • Troll Dolls - Chicks (Home on the Range)
  • Hockey Puck - Thumper (Thomas and Friends)
  • Various Squeeze Toy Aliens - Various Lemurs
  • Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien - Passimian (Pokemon)
  • Combat Carl - Kenny (South Park)
  • Baby Face - Jack (Thomas and Friends)
  • Ducky - Alfie (Thomas & Friends)
  • Frog - Byron (Thomas & Friends)
  • Hand-in-the-Box - Oliver (Pack) (Thomas and Friends)
  • Janie/Pterodactyl - Meg Griffin (Family Guy)/Bela (Hotel Transylvania 2)
  • Jingle Joe - Buster (Thomas & Friends)
  • Legs - Isobella (Thomas & Friends)
  • Rockmobile - Ned (Thomas & Friends )
  • Roller Bob - Kelly (Thomas & Friends)
  • Walking Car - Nelson (Thomas & Friedns)
  • Burned Rag Doll - Patrick (Thomas and Friends)
  • Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy - Jangles the Clown (Inside Out)
  • Yellow Soldier Toys - Max and Monty (Thomas and Friends)
  • Sally Doll - Pearl (SpongeBob SquarePants)


Robin (Teen Titans Go!)

Robin as Woody

Hiro (Big Hero 6)

Hiro as Buzz Lightyear


Marlin as Mr. Potato Head

Sid (Ice Age)

Sid as Slinky Dog

Manny (Ice Age)

Manny as Extra (Slinky Dog)

Diego (Ice Age)

Diego as Extra (Slinky Dog)


Rodney as Rex

Donkey (Shrek)

Donkey as Hamm

Ttg Starfire

Starfire as Bo Peep

Optimus Prime (LA)

Optimus Prime as Sarge


Autobots as Soldiers

Matt (Cyberchase)

Matt as Andy

Lois Griffin in Family Guy

Lois as Mrs. Davis

Diamond Destiny

Diamond Destiny as Molly


Snotty Boy as Sid

Helga G. Pataki

Helga as Hannah




and DeSoto as Scud


Marmosets as Barrel of Monkeys

Goddard jimmy neutron

Goddard as Etch


Fergus as Lenny


Vinnie as Shark

Professor Ludwig Von Drake

Ludwig Von Drake as Mr. Spell

Revvin' Evan

Revvin Evan as RC

Bobert the Robot

Bobert as Robot

Big the Cat

Big the Cat as Rocky Gibraltar

Kaa the Snake (The Jungle Book)

Kaa as Snake

Chicks (HOTR)

Chicks as Troll Dolls

Thumper (TTTE)

Thumper as Hockey Puck


Passimian as Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien

Kenny McCormick

Kenny as Combat Carl


Jack as Baby Face


Alfie as Ducky

Byron the Bulldozer

Byron as Frog

Oliver the Excavator

Oliver (Pack) as Hand-in-the-Box

Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin as Janie


Bela as Pterodactyl

Buster the Steamroller

Buster as Jingle Joe


Isobella as Legs

Ned (TTTE)

Ned as Rockmobile

Kelly the Crane

Kelly as Roller Bob


Nelson as Walking Car

Patrick the Cement Mixer

Patrick as Burned Rag Dolls


Jangles the Clown as Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy

Max and Monty

Max and Monty as Yellow Soldier Toys

Pearl Krabs

Pearl as Sally Doll

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