Godzillahalofam spoof of Disney Villians' Revenge


  • Elsa(Frozen) with Anna ,Kristoff, Finn Rider, and Rapunzel(Tangled)
  • Tom and Jerry as In and Out

Penny Fitzgerald In Wonderland

  • Penny Fitzgerald(The Amazing World of Gumball) as Alice
  • Miss Simian as the Queen of Hearts
  • Red Cards as themselves
  • Rocky(Chicken Run) as The White Rabbit

K.O Pan

  • K.O as Peter Pan
  • Radicles X as Old Peter Pan
  • John Boxman as Captain Hook
  • Battle Droids and First Order Stormtroopers as Pirates

Tillie White and the Seven CGI Characters

  • Tillie(The Little Engine that Could) as Snow White
  • Thomas the tank engine as The Prince
  • Frankie(Thomas and friends) as The Witch
  • Daisy as the Queen


  • Lincoln Loud as Dumbo
  • Rita Loud as Jumba
  • Darth Sidious as Ringmaster
  • Stormtoopers and Deathtroopers as Clowns

Characters not in the game but appear in this spoof



Villain's Revenge part 1

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