Here's a preview of Cartoon all-stars to the creature rescue, a final yet heroic finish to the series, enjoy it, kids.


plot summary

This story in the Cartoon all-stars series, is about a kid who needs help in making a special endangered species kind of saving the animals poster. Luckily, one of the kid's friends has some help, from some of the best-known cartoon animals and dinosaurs, as well as Mr. Owl [from Winnie the Pooh], Daffy Duck and Foghorn Leghorn [from Looney Tunes], Denver the Last Dinosaur and other characters [e.g. Scuttle seabird, Jabber-jaw, Baloney the dinosaur, Chomper-from Land Before Time, Iago, The vultures from the Jungle Book, Kaa] as they teach kids how people can help animals and dinosaurs, prevent extinction and more!


  1. Our Beginning/Flying my colors [cartoon version]-based on two songs from Care Bears Movie 2-A New Generation
  2. A Different point of view-[from Care Bears battle the Freeze Machine]
  3. Fight song-creature rescue version [based on a song from Cave Bears Movie 2-a new generation]
  4. Adventure is a wonderful thing-Mr. Owl's song
  5. Wonderful ways to say no-reprise
  6. Forever Young-from Care bears Movie 2-a new generation [by all the cartoon characters]

Available on Kid Rhino records.


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