Cartooners Assemble is a Parody of Avengers Assemble it will be made by BurceMovies1 the trailer will be on youtube on sunday 22nd December it will be on youtube in easter 2014


Fizz (Tweenies) as Black Widow

Marie(The Aristocats) as Loki

Minnie Mouse(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)as Thor

Jake(Tweenies) as Captain America

Kamui(X)as Iron Man

Homer Simpson(The Simpsons) as Hulk

Henry(Horrid Henry) as Burce Banner

Milo(Tweenies) as Hawkeye

Max(Tweenies) as Dr Nick Furry

Bella(Tweenies) as Pepper Potts

Dad(Horrid Henry) as Phill Coulson

Belle(Beauty and the beast) as Maria Hill

Micheal Desanta(GTA V) as Erik selvig

Daddy Pig(Peppa Pig) as German old man

Scar(Lion King) as The Other

Peppa(Peppa Pig) as Indian Little Girl

Mummy Pig(Peppa Pig) as Indian Old Lady

Closing Credits Song

Unbroken by Black Veil Brides


Opening/Marie Arrives in earth

Fizz Traped

Fizz meets Horrid henry

This isn't about asgard

Jakes Training

Towerlight up/You Have Homework

Jake and Henrys Dad Talk

Marie and the Other

hell Carrier

Marie in Germany/Kneel Before Me

Rock of ages giving up so easily/Marie meets Minnie

Did You Mourn?(mountain top scene)

Kamui vs Jake vs Minnie

Marie in Prison

Lab scence

Fizz Talks to Marie

Minnie in a cage

Henry truns into the Hulk

I have an Army

Final Battle


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