• Donald Duck (Disney): Oh my bad that's all you have to say what about. I'm sorry ever hear those words before, they're the same words the doctor said when he handed you to your Elaine Kropotkin.
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Hey nice job keeping, it's subtle Donald Duck. You know the other emotions are starting to think you can't control yourself.
  • Donald Duck (Disney): I can control myself Kira Finster.
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): That's exactly what, I said see everyone, anchor won't get mad at all even if, I say he is cute little baby arms, look at those with alarms, see no reaction, you guys try.
  • Proud Heart Cat (Care Bear Cousins): Hmm, I don't like your face when I look at it I think up far oh.
  • (Proud Heart Cat disgusting to cheeks)
  • Loyal Heart Dog (Care Bear Cousins): You're so short um, your pants are short too.
  • Goofy (Disney): Hey hey, way to keep it cool Donald looks like someone just earned themselves. A friendly hug let's hug it out bro.
  • Donald Duck (Disney): Don't touch me.
  • Buster Carmichael (Rugrats): Petunia sorry about your book.
  • Petunia (Happy Tree Friends): Thanks nice kid.
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