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Casey Junior

He played Casey Junior as Himself Cartoon Favorite (Filip Zebic Version) and All Movie, Cartoon, and Disney Medleys Full

He played Casey Junior as Benny the Cab, Who Framed Big Bird

Casey Jr.

He played is Benny the Cab as Casey Junior Edmond (Dumbo), Edmond II (Dumbo II) and Edmond (Dumbo) (2019))

Benny the Cab his Pulling The Circus Train

He played is Steamer the Train as Casey Junior play in Shy Little Kitten the Wonder Cat

Casey Jr. Circus Locomotive and Tender

Candace Flynn as Casey Junior played in Candace Jr. Circus Girl

Casey Junior The Circus Engine and Tender


  • The train Casey Junior pulls in the film, from front to back, is made up of an yellow passenger car (for the clowns and other circus performers), a flatcar with a calliope organ, several flatcars carrying various circus wagons, a red boxcar (carrying the elephants), a dark blue boxcar (carrying animals like monkeys, horses, zebras and camels), several flatcars carrying the tent and its supports, a light blue boxcar (carrying the giraffes (whose heads are clearly sticking out of the roof)), a pink boxcar (carrying predators like hyenas, apes, bears, lions and tigers), a yellow boxcar (carrying animals like ostriches, seals, hippos and kangaroos), a green passenger car carrying (for the circus workmen), Orange Baggage car, Flatbed, Green-Blue Van, Yellow Van, Flatbed, Red-Orange Van, Green Van, Flatbed, Blue Coach, Purple Coach and a red caboose (for the ringmaster). Also, at the end of the film, the caboose is replaced with a silver train car reserved for Dumbo and his mother.