Cassidy (Japanese: ヤマト Yamato) is one half of the Team Rocket duo that occasionally runs across Ash and his friends in the Pokémon anime.

Voice Actors:

  1. Megan Hollingshead (Episodes 55-222) - English
  2. Andi Whaley (Pokemon Chronicles, Episode 406) - English
  3. Emily Williams (Episodes 450-present) - English
  4. Masako Katsuki - Japanese
  5. Maggie Vera - Spanish
  6. Debora Magnaghi - Italian
  7. Joanna Domanska - Polish
  8. Noa Kashpitzki - Hebrew

She Played Pomona in Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

She is a crook

She Played Commander Gormagga Kraal in Solar-Marina

She Played Queen Nehelenia in Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style) in Queen Beryl Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style) (VIZ) and Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style) (Japanese)

She is a creepy Queen

She Played Skinny Ursula In The Little Raye 2:Return to the Sea

She is Ursula's Younger Siste

She Played Dark Mercury In Pretty Guardian Sailor Brittany (2003)

She is Sailor Mercury dark side



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