First Played Movie

  • The Puppy Princess
  • Mowgliladdin 1
  • Beauty and The Hunchback
  • The Sercet of NIMH (AnimationMovies411's Style)
  • The Princess and The Skunk
  • Jenny & Oliver

Spoof Movie List

Beauty and the Hunchback: Princess Eilonwy's Magic World

Frozen (AnimationMovies411 style)

The Secret of NIMH (AnimationMovies411 Style)

Tipo Meets Melody

The Great Prince Detective

101 Mouse

101 Mouse 2 Timothy's Adventure London

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Animation411's Style)

Atlantis Wart's Return 2 (Animation411's Style)

Wart Christopher Robin and Taran The Three Musketeers

The Great Prince Detective

The Black Cauldron (AnimationMovies411 Style)

An Arabian Tail

An Arabian Tail 2:Mowgli Goes West

Mowgli's Arabian Tails

An Arabian Tail 3: The Treasure of Mnahattan Island

Mowgli Meets Melody

Atlantis II: Wart/Arthur's Return

Heroes  Actors and Actoress

  • Wart/Arthur Played as Eric Prince Derek Tuilo and Teenage Timothy Brisby and Kristoff
  • Taran Played as Jonathan Brisby and Prince Adam and Roger
  • Prince Eric  Played as Basil 
  • David Played as Timothy Brisby
  • Cody
  • Louie as Played as Prince Naveen Human In The Princess and The Skunk And Martin Brisby In The Sercet of Nimh
  • Mowgli Played as Aladdin 
  • Alice  Played as Ariel Odette and Jenny Mcbride and Elsa
  • Princess Eilonwy Played as Belle
  • Robyn Starling Played as young Sarah and Extra with Alice  Anna 
  • Cecilia Played as Tiana (Only Role)
  • Wendy Darling Played as Bridget as Odette and Ursula as Vanessa 
  • Anne Marie No Role
  • Shanti Played as Princess Jasmine 
  • Melody Played as Snow Whitte
  • Princess Odette Played as Sarah
  • Soiler Moon

vaillians Actors and Actoress

  • Clayton Played as Lord Rothbart  and One of Razoul's Hencchman
  • Percival C Mcleach Played as Jafar Gaston Jenner and Prince Hans
  • Rothbart Played Van Pelt and Darth Maul
  • Skullker Played Darth Vader
  • Amos Slade Played The Duke
  • The Queen of Hearts Played as Ursula 
  • Lady Tremaine Played as Zelda The Sorercess
  • Aunt Figg Played as Cruella De vil
  • Lickboot Played as Jasper
  • Dr Applecheeks Played as Horce
  • Mr Snoops Played as Gazeem Lefou and Sullivan

Stupid Characters as Randoms

  • Phineas Flynn
  • Hiccup
  • Astrid
  • Ferb
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • Isabella
  • Darla Dimple
  • Mr Burns
  • Stromboli
  • Vicky

Insults Shut Up Tells Punches and Get Out and Roars

  • Professor Ratigan
  • Zira
  • Mufasa
  • Stromboil
  • Shan Yu
  • Timon
  • George Darling
  • Kovu
  • Basil
  • Olivia


  • Don't Do This 
  • Don't Zbzbaker407 In this Acount Please  
  • Don't Disked 
  • Don't Phineas and Ferb 
  • Leave This Original In the Spoof Pleace 
  • Don't Tramsform My Spoof and Confronts Us  
  • Don't Confronts Talking or You're Not Welcome Here 
  • Don't Say I'm the Owner That's a Warring 
  • Don't Insuilt  


  • We Know That Robyn a Favorite of Zbzbaker407 is My Friend But Come Not In this Spoof you're have spoof Spoof Acount but do't do this Please Leave This

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