Rescuing Hermione

Rescuing you, of course

Stitch to the Rescue

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger rescue Buckbeak and Sirius Black

Hermione rescues Harry

Darkwing Duck rescues Gosalyn Waddlemeyer

Harry Potter rescues Ron Weasley and Gabriella Fleuacour

Harry Potter saves Cedric Diggory

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley rescue Hermione Granger

Stitch rescues Lilo

Harry saves Dudley

Shrek rescues Princess Fiona

Cedric Diggory Rescue Cho Chang

Joey and Tristan rescue Yugi

Ron, Fred and George rescue Harry

May saves Max

Car Rescue

Ash rescues Pikachu

Clemont saves Bonnie

Charizard saves Ash

Ash saves Pikachu

Sceptile saves Ash

Viktor Krumm rescues Hermione

Cedric Diggory rescues Cho Chang

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