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Luke yells at D.W.

Flik Protects Baby Kate from D.W.

Severus Snape tells D.W. To Get Out

John Smith Protects Baby Kate From D.W.

Homer tells D.W. to Shut Up

Queen Uberta tells D.W. that she's getting the guillotine

The Queen of Hearts Warns D.W.

Dolores Umbridge Yells "Enough!" at D.W.

Bugs Bunny Tells Off D.W.

Mojo Jojo tells D.W. to Shut up and Swings at Her

Buttercup Tells D.W. To Shut Up

Violet Beauregarde Tells D.W. To Stop Squawking

Knuckles tells D.W. to Shut Up

Jasmine Punches D.W.

Ash Ketchum Tells D.W. to Shut Up

Amelia tells D.W. to be quiet

Courage tells D.W. to go to her room

Bart Simpson Tells D.W. to Shut Up

Brock Tells D.W. To Knock it Off

Fuzzy Lumpkins Tells D.W. To Shut Up

Sheila Broflovski tells D.W. that she is grounded for the next two weeks

Sailor Mars Tells D.W. she's Messed with the Wrong People 

Amos Slade Shoots at D.W.

Shere Khan attacks D.W.

Hermione Granger Punches D.W.

Ron Weasley Tells D.W. to Eat Slugs

Sailor Moon Threatens D.W.

Misty Insults D.W.

Pikachu Zaps D.W.

Violet Parr Tells D.W To Shut Up

Pocahontas Argues With D.W.

Harry Potter Tells D.W. to Shut Up

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