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File:Ted as Manny's First Debut (Walking the Traffic and Passing the Humans and Animals the Wrong Way).jpg
File:Ted Treatens Hop Pop.jpg
File:Emmet as Sid's First Debut in the Tree.jpg
File:Emmet gets All Alone.jpg
File:Emmet with His Dandlelion.jpg
File:Emmet Holding a Pinecone on His Hand.png
File:Miguel Rivera about to Run from Spike and Whitey.jpg
File:Spike and Whitey About to Chase Miguel.jpg
File:Emmet Screaming and Running way form Spike and Whitey.jpg
File:Ted Does not Like Characters Killed for Pleasure.jpg
File:Emmet Throws a Pebble.jpg
File:Ted Pushes Spike and Whitey.jpg
File:Ted and Emmet about to Fall the Edge.jpg
File:Emmet sees Ted's Face.jpg
File:Bobby as Diego's First Debut seeing Maggie and his Fmaily.jpg
File:Mr. Ross as Soto's First Debut seeing Roshan and his Family.jpg
File:Mr. Ross Ordering Bobby to Bring Maggie Alive.jpg
File:Emmet Explaining Ted doing his Shelter.jpg
File:Emmet Holding a Stick.jpg
File:Emmet in the Rain.jpg
File:Alvin about to Get Zapped by A Lightning.jpg
File:Mr. Ross and the Gang (Even Bobby) Attacks the Humans.jpg
File:Bobby Santiago chasing Nancy Green.jpg
File:Bobby Santiago Notice Maggie and her mother jumed into the Waterfalls.jpg
File:Mr. Ross Explaining where is the Baby to Bobby.jpg
File:Bobby said Lost It to the Waterfalls.jpg
File:Mr. Ross Gets Angry about Losing Maggie and Her Mothe to the Waterfallsr.jpg
File:Mr. Ross Ordering Bobby to Bring the Baby (Maggie).jpg
File:Emmet holding An Apple.jpg
File:Emmet and Ted seeing Roshan's Mother in the River.jpg
File:Ted and Emmet Seeing the Baby (Maggie).jpg
File:Emmet and Ted Notice Nancy Green Dies in the River.jpg
File:Ted said there is no We to Emmet.jpg
File:Ted Said I Not Going to Miguel.jpg
File:Emmet Climbing the Edge.jpg
File:Bobby Santiago Grabs Roshan.jpg
File:Miguel Gets Fell to the Floor.jpg
File:Miguel said I Don't Like this Man He Reads Minds.jpg
File:Miguel Freaked on Humans.jpg
File:But he Notice Humans are Gone.jpg
File:Miguel Gets hit and Fell to the Ground.jpg
File:Ted Gets hit A Fish by Roshan.jpg
File:Miguel said Poor Spanish Boy Wiggy to Bobby.jpg
File:Miguel said Help Me.jpg
File:Ted Glaring To Miguel to Take Roshan's Poo.jpg
File:Bobby Plays Peek-A-Boo to Roshan.jpg
File:Bobby and Miguel Arguring.png
File:Ted Yells ENOUGH!!!
File:Miguel, Ted and Bobby sees the Melon.jpg
File:Miguel Holds the Melon.jpg


File:But Birds Attacks Miguel.jpg
File:Ted screams in Pain As the Bird Bites on his Butt.jpg
File:Miguel about to Catch The Melon.jpg
File:Miguel Catches the Melon.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera with The Melon and Birds (The Angry Birds Movie) Facing at Him.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera Bashes the Birds (The Angry Birds Movie).jpg
File:Miguel Rivera jumps off the Birds (from The Angry Birds Movie).jpg
File:Miguel Lands on the Ground.jpg
File:Bobby Santiago, Miguel Rivera and Ted sleeping.jpg
File:Ted and Bobby Santiago Shouts MIGUEL!.jpg
File:Marriane and Dawn with Miguel Rivera and roshan.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera Screaming onto Spike and Whitey.jpg
File:Ted Explaining on Roshan.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera Calls for Help from Bobby.jpg
File:Bobby Strangles Miguel.jpg
File:Ted, Bobby, Roshan and Miguel Crossing the Road.jpg
File:Ted and Miguel in the Ice Floor Slide.jpg
File:Remy seeing Bobby, Miguel and Ted.jpg
File:Bobby Yells MOVE BOY!.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera shows the Frozen Pirahna.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera shows the Frozen Dinosaur.jpg
File:Miguel Rivera Shows the The Human Evolution (Character Age).jpg
File:Miguel, Ted and Bobby Screaming when Roshan Slides down the Ice.jpg
File:Ted, Bobby Santiago, and Miguel Rivera slides in the Ice.jpg
File:Remy Flying in the Ice.jpg
File:Miguel Catching Roshan from Sliding.jpg
File:Bobby Sliding Down.jpg
File:Remy Screaming about to Get Crashed by Bobby, Miguel, Roshan and Ted.jpg
File:Bobby said Who's Up for Round 2?!.jpg

File:Ted with ? and ? in the Drawing.jpg

File:Ted Sad to the Drawing.jpg
File:Roshan hugging Ted.jpg
File:Ted, Miguel , Roshan and Bobby Running away from the Lava.jpg
File:Ted About to Hold Bobby from Falling to the Lava.jpg
File:Ted Falls down to His Death.jpg
File:But Ted fells to the Ground while Cauing Up the Geyser hit.jpg
File:A Drawing of Miguel.jpg
File:Ted Draws A Round Belly Drawing of Miguel.jpg
File:Ted Teaches Roshan to Walk.jpg
File:Ted Holds Bobby for Brough thew Villains for Dinner.jpg
File:Charming, Dwayne and Mr. Tweedy Chasing Miguel.jpg
File:Miguel Sliding the Ice.jpg
File:Ted about to Throw A Log to Dwayne, Charming and Mr. Tweedy saying Suprise.jpg
File:Charming Gets Stucked on the Tree.jpg
File:Bobby Faces Tighten to Leave the Man Alone.jpg
File:Mr. Tweedy, Dwayne and Tighten fights Ted.jpg
Tighten (as Soto)'s death.jpg
File:Bobby Fakes his Death.jpg
File:Ted Giving Roshan to Runar.jpg
File:Remy Angry Scream (1st Film).jpg