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The was a boy named Walter, who had fun with a pull-string plushie named Butters. It was Walter's birthday. So, Butters and the gang are going to find out what Walter's opening. Butters met a newcomer, a fraggle, named Boober. The gang cannot wait to take a look at this newcomer. Boober becomes more popular than Butters. What a poor little guy. Butters, Boober, and the others saw a evil kid named Bart Simpson. Bart tortures toys just for fun. After Walter wanted to go to Pizza Planet, Butters accidentally pushed Boober out the window. Walter brings Butters instead. Boober begans to fight with Butters and they had a huge argument. As Boober leaves, Butters saw a Pizza Planet truck. He calls Boober that he had found it. They went to Pizza Planet to find Walter. But, Boober went to a crane game with lots and lots of Minions. Butters tries to get out of the crane game, but then all of a sudden, Bart starts grabbing both Butters and Boober. Bart went back home with Butters and Boober. Butters was frightened of the mutants. Walter was really sad that he lost Butters. Butters saw a giant reptile monster named Zilla, as he slowly moved away from him. Boober watches the TV commercial all about himself. He broke his arm and he can't fly. A girl named Lisa Simpson brings Boober to her bedroom to have a tea party. Boober was very upset. But then, Butters had an idea. He must go back to his friends, but it was too late. The mutants fixed Boober. Boober was strapped around by a rocket. The storm comes in. Butters needs Boober's help. He accepted Butters' apology. Bart grabs Boober and goes outside his backyard. Butters helps the mutants to save Boober no matter how long it takes. Butters scares Bart away. Butters and Boober flew up in the air, landed safe into Walter's box. Walter was now very happy that he got Boober and Butters back. Butters and Boober became friends, and they lived happily ever after. Or... is it?

Voice Cast

Matt Stone - Butters Stotch

Dave Goelz - Boober Fraggle

Russi Taylor - Minnie Mouse

Eric Jacobson - Fozzie Bear

Billy Crystal - Mike Wazowski

Albert Brooks - Marlin

Ronnie Le Drew - Zippy

Owen Wilson - Lightning McQueen

Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson and Ralph Wiggum

Yeardly Smith - Lisa Simpson

Bill Fagerbakke - Patrick Star

Mike Myers - Shrek

Frank Welker - Megatron and Scooby-Doo

EthGoesBOOM - Freddy Fazbear

Dee Bradley Baker - Aragon Dragon

Pierre Coffin - Bob Minion and the Minions

Peter Linz - Walter

Grey DeLisle - Kitty Katswell


1. Hannah Phillips's scream has been replaced by Lisa getting so mad and shouts out, "BART!! YOU DON'T EVEN CARE!! YOU DON'T EVEN CARE!!", then she cries and runs to her room.

2. Butters In A White Void must be seen in the opening part of Butters and Boober Arguing.

3. This is not the UK audio version! This is the US audio version.

4. Rex's realistic roar has been replaced by a grizzly bear roar.

5. Butters says "Wait A Minute! You- Now, Let Me Tell You Something, Fellas! You Don't Think I Meant To Knock Buzz Out The Window! Do You? Potato Head?"

6. Two Deleted Scenes are also in this movie; like "Torture" and "Rain".

Movie Used

  • Toy Story (1995)

Clips Used

  • South Park
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  • South Park: Imaginationland
  • Fraggle Rock
  • Mickey Mouse Cartoon
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  • Muppets From Space
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  • Doom (2016)
  • Doom: Eternal
  • Arthur
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy

Photo Cast

Here's The Whole Cast Of Character Story (Hades Elemental Version).