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Characters (Cars) Movie Spoof Crossover Movie Parody. (which is now playing on Youtube and Characters 2 (Cars 2) is coming in 2021 to mark the ten year annverisay of Cars 2, Ka-Chow.)


Bart Simpson as Lightning McQueen (both pros, fast and sometimes arrogant)

Spongebob Squarepants as Mater (both have buck teeth and both are funny)

Darcy as Sally (both Girlfriends to Lightning McQueen and Bart Simpson)

Carl Fredricksen as Doc Hudson (both old, wise, kind and sometimes grumpy)

James the Red Engine as Ramone (both vain)

Daisy the Diesel Railcar as Flo (both married to James & Ramone)

Joe Swanson as Sheriff (both Policemen and both are short tempered)

Sherman as Luigi (both Young and Polite)

Mr. Peabody as Guido (both fast, sharp and cool)

Henry the Green Engine as Fillmore (both clumsy, kind, wise and helpful)

Colonel Hathi as Sarge (both are involved with Military stuff)

Brooke the Singing Sloth as Lizzie (both kind)

Wreck-it-Ralph as Red (both wear red)

Gordon the Big Engine as Mack

Edward the Blue Engine as Strip Weather aka The King

Molly the Yellow Engine as Lynda Weather (both married to The King and Edward)

Luke Duke as Tex Dinoco (both have Southern accents) Bo Duke as Himself as an extra (Tex Dinoco)

Donald and Douglas as Rusty and Dusty

King Koopa as Chick Hicks (both green and showoffs)

Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph and Kermey as DJ, Boost, Wingo and Snotrod (all 8 are bullies)

Peter and Lois Griffin as the Mini Vans

Bethany Walker and Martha Kaply as Mia and Tia

Kent Brockman and Tom Tucker as Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip

Carl Wheezer as Fred

Sid the Sloth as Stanley

Groundskeeper Willie as Frank (both do groundskeeping)

The Freight cars as the Tractors

Joyce Kinney as Kori Turbowitz (both news reporters)

Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie Simpson as Themselves (Lightning McQueen’s Family)

Perry the Platypus as Finn McMissle (both good at mysteries)

Sandy Cheeks as Holley Shiftwell (both girlfriends to Mater and SpongeBob)

Hiro Hamada as Fransessco

Plankton as Professor Zundapp

The Hyenas as Zundapp’s Minions

Dr. Robotnik as Sir Miles Axlerod

Jack Lassen as Jackson Strom (both new rivals to Bart Simpson and Lightning McQueen)

Vanellope Von Schweetz as Cruz Ramriaz (both tomboyish)

Scrooge McDuck as Smokey (both kind and wise)

Huey, Dewey & Louie as Themselves (Smokey’s Great Nephews)

Thomas the Tank Engine as Cal Weathers (both nephews to the King and Edward)

Percy the Small Engine as Bobby Swift (both good-friends to Thomas & Cal)

Spencer the Silver Engine as Mr. Sterling (both wear silver and both selfish at times)

Perdita as Louise Nash

Pongo as River Scott

Bagheera as Junior Moon

Duck the Great Western Engine as Danny Swervez

Toby the Tram Engine as Brick Yardley

Diane Simmons as Natalie Certain

Ashley Spinelli as Ms. Fritter

Scenes: (From Characters (Cars)

  • Characters (Cars) part 1 - Dinoco 400
  • Characters (Cars) part 2 - Victory Lane
  • Characters (Cars) part 3 - Rust-Eze
  • Characters (Cars) part 4 - "Life is a Highway"
  • Characters (Cars) part 5 - Bart's Lost
  • Characters (Cars) part 6 - Into Town
  • Characters (Cars) part 7 - Where's Bart?
  • Characters (Cars) part 8 - The Cell/Bart's Trial
  • Characters (Cars) part 9 - Bessie/Lost Customers
  • Characters (Cars) part 10 - Carl's Challenge
  • Characters (Cars) part 11 - A New Road
  • Characters (Cars) part 12 - 'Turn Right to Go Left'
  • Characters (Cars) part 13 - Back to Work
  • Characters (Cars) part 14 - Freight Car Tipping
  • Characters (Cars) part 15 - Backwards Jogging/Goodnight
  • Characters (Cars) part 16 - Carl's Piston Cups
  • Characters (Cars) part 17 - Breakfast at Daisy's
  • Characters (Cars) part 18 - Walk with Darcy
  • Characters (Cars) part 19 - Wheel Well/"Our Town"
  • Characters (Cars) part 20 - Stampede
  • Characters (Cars) part 21 - Carl's Race
  • Characters (Cars) part 22 - 'He's Gone?'
  • Characters (Cars) part 23 - A New Customer/Crusin'
  • Characters (Cars) part 24 - Bart's Found
  • Characters (Cars) part 25 - California Race (Part 1)
  • Characters (Cars) part 26 - California Race (Part 2)
  • Characters (Cars) part 27 - Back on the Map
  • Characters (Cars) part 28 - End Credits