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Blue Blue has eyelids when she sleeps in her bed in the Blue's Room episode, Sprinkles' Sleepover, in two scenes.
Elmo sleeping in bed.jpg
Elmo Elmo has static purple eyelids with brown eyelashes; as seen in Episodes 2694, 2824, 2855, 3090, 3663, 3731, 3820, 3853, 3977, 4022, 4063, 4117 (as Jelmo), 4308, 4713, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, Elmo Saves Christmas, Kids' Favorite Songs, Time to Say Goodnight, Happy Healthy Monsters, Bedtime with Elmo, assorted Elmo Variants, Sesame Beginnings as a baby, The Furchester Hotel episode "The Furchester Hoot-El", and an Elmo and Abby Cadabby insert.
Eyelids Not-Too-Late Show01.gif
Elmo An Elmo puppet with moving eyelids has been utilized beginning with Season 49; as seen in When You Wish Upon a Pickle, Episode 4907, and The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.
Tutter sleeping.jpg
Tutter "Morning Glory", "Go to Sleep" and "A Berry Bear Christmas"
Toodee sleeping by cbeebiesfan ddf3rgn-fullview.jpg
Toodee "Sleep", "Imagine", "Nature", "Doctor", and "Restaurant"
Foofa sleeping.jpg
Foofa "Sleep", "Imagine", "Nature", and "Restaurant"
Muno sleeping.jpg
Muno "Sleep", "Teeth", "Nature", and "Fairy Tale"
Gonzo sleeping in the beginning of Muppets from Space.jpg
Gonzo Muppets from Space, where his standard moving eyelids are extended in a scene to cover his entire eyeballs, and a lower eyelid is added (and for a brief scene, his upper eyelids cover his eyes, but open halfway twice); The Muppets, while sleeping in the rafters of The Muppet Theatre directly above the stage.
Sesame Street- Do the Alphabet (1996) - Baby Bear sleeping.jpg
Baby Bear Episode 3534, when Ruthie takes a photo of Baby Bear and his family just as he's blinking; In Do the Alphabet Baby Bear falls asleep and dreams about the segment: Alphabet Jungle; Episode 3807, after Elmo tries to wake him up with drums and when Alan sings him to sleep; Episode 3836, exhausted from cooking the huevos rancheros for Maria; Episode 3925, exhausted from learning to whistle; Episode 3977, after singing a lullaby to Big Bird; Episode 3998, feeling tired and having no energy from skipping breakfast; Episode 4056, after a night of no sleep; Episode 4191, hibernating.
Rosita, Zoe and Elizabeth slumber in sleeping bags.jpg
Elizabeth At a sleepover in Episode 3857 with Zoe and Rosita.
Baby Galileo.jpg
Galileo the Kangaroo At the end of "Baby Galileo"
Beaker falls asleep among debris after an explosion in his apartment.jpg
Beaker The "Flowers on the Wall" music video, falling asleep among debris after an explosion in his apartment; The Muppetsepisode "Pig Out," hung over.
Henrietta Honker Big Bird helps the baby Honker get to sleep in Bedtime Stories & Songs.
Telly falls asleep around sheep in episode 3554.jpg
Telly Monster Episode 4118, after becoming exasperated with Oscar; in a brief scene from Talk, Listen, Connect, in which Telly's moving eyelids are replaced with lids that cover his entire eyes.
Walter falls asleep while watching The Muppet Show.jpg
Walter Two variations are seen on Walter in The Muppets. One with sleepy eyes as he's falling asleep watching The Muppet Show, and another with completely closed eyelids after he's fallen asleep and he drifts off into a dream.
Herry sleeps and snores letter Zs.jpg
Herry Monster A 1971 sketch where he sleeps in bed snoring with Zs; "Monster Lullaby"; "Moonshine"
Brobee sleeping by cbeebiesfan ddh5m6g.png
Brobee "Sleep" and "Nature"
Bert A sketch with Ernie; Episode 4276, when he and Ernie fall asleep.
Baby Bop naps in Trading Places.jpg
Baby Bop Baby Bop sleeps in the episodes Trading Places, Let's Play School and Red, Yellow and Blue! when she's tired and at a sleepover in the caboose with BJ and Riff in the episode Days of the Week
BJ BJ at a sleepover in the caboose with Baby Bop and Riff in the episode Days of the Week and in The Sleepless Sleepover
Riff Riff at a sleepover with Baby Bop and BJ in the caboose in the episode Days of the Week and in the episode The Sleepless Sleepover

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