Chase (born May 12, 2007) is a German Shepherd puppy and the number two member of the PAW Patrol.

Chase Plays Snoopy in The Peanuts Movie (TheCartoonMan12) Style
Chase (PAW Patrol)

He Is a Beagle

Chase plays Max in How the Boy Stole Christmas (2000)

Chase is Cuddles in Happy Tree Friends, he plays as Cuddles

He is the Grinch's dog

Chase plays "Laddie" Dog Genie in Huckleberryladdin

He is the Genie's dog form

Chase plays Slinky Dog in Critter Story

He is a slinky dog

Chase, along with the PAW Patrol play jerry in danny and the paw patrol the movie

They're all monkeys

Chase plays Chase the Red-Nosed German Shepherd Puppy, Chase's Shiny New Year and Chase and Tempe O'Kun's Christmas in July

He is a Reindeer

Chase plays Dug in Up (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

He is a golden retriever

Chase plays Chuck E Cheese in The Chase German Shepherd Movie

He is a Mouse

Chase plays Young Tarzan in Bodizan version 3

He is a young Ape Man

Chase plays Stitch in Kai Lan & Chase and Chase! The Movie

He is an alien

Chase plays Dante in Coco (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

He is a Xoloitzcuintli

Chase plays Goddard in Max and Emmy: Boy and Girl Genius (WeLove Animation Style)

He is a robot dog

Chase plays Pua in Megara (Moana)

He is a pig

Chase plays Paprika in Marshall's Clues (Nick Jr. Female Style)

She is a baby shaker

Chase plays Toaster in The Brave Little Police Pup, The Brave Little Police Pup Goes to Mars, and The Brave Little Police Pup to the Rescue

He is a toaster

Chase plays Max in Show Dogs (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

He is a rottweiler

Chase plays Pooch the Pup in K.O. (Woody Woodpecker) (Daniel Pineda's Style)

He is a pup

Chase plays Baby Jaguar in Sabrina the Explorer and Go Harvey Kinkle Go!

He is a jaguar

Chase plays Pooka in Pollyastasia and Meridastasia

He is Anastasia's dog

Chase plays Nevins in The Koala in the Hat (2003)

He is the Walden's pet dog

Chase plays Perry in Timmy and Jimmy (Phineas and Ferb)

He is a platypus

Chase plays Nemo in Finding Chase and Finding Bianca

He is a clownfish

Chase plays Freddy Fox in Vix Fox (Peppa Pig)

He is a fox


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