"Chelsea Saves Three Kings Day" is the 11th episode of Season 5 of Chelsea the Explorer.


Chelsea, Charlie Brown, and Christopher Robin are all ready for the Three Kings Day party. But Jafar scares off Christopher Robin's elephant, Charlie Brown's camel, and Chelsea's horse! Now, the three must look for their respective animals in time for the party.

Characters in Episode:

  • Dora, Chelsea(Barbie Franchise)
  • Boots, Charlie Brown(Peanuts)
  • Diego, Christopher-Robin(Winnie-The-Pooh Franchise)
  • Swiper, Jafar(Aladdin)
  • Map, Peter Pan"
  • Backpack, Tinkerbell(Disney)
  • Fiesta Trio, Powerpuff Girls"
  • Alicia, Phoebe(TMSB)
  • Baby Jaguar, Oliver(Oliver and Company)
  • Mami, Rapunzel(Tangled)
  • Papi, Flynn-Rider(Tangled)
  • Abuela, Widow Tweed(Fox and the Hound)
  • Benny, Snoopy(Peanuts)
  • Isa, Marie(AristoCats)
  • Tico, Nutty(HTF)
  • Nelly, Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
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