Cheryl is a pink haired superheroine and CJ's great aunt. She wears a maroon long sleeve (Currently short sleeve) leotard, navy blue gloves and boots. She has a star heart symbol. She is 26 years old.


Flight - Cheryl is able to fly. She can even fly in the vacuum of space. She can also carry others while flying.

Enchanced Strength - Cheryl is able to lift heaviest objects

Cheryl plays Aladdin in Cheryl-laddin, Cheryl-laddin: The Return of Algol, Cheryl-laddin: The Princess of Thieves

Cheryl plays Hercules in Cherylcules

Cheryl plays Mordecai in The Regular Girl Show

Cheryl plays Peter Pan in Cheryl Pan

Cheryl plays Superman in Cheryl the Supergirl

Cheryl plays Derek in The Hippowdon Prince

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