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Sailor Chibi Moon is Chibiusa Tsukino's Senshi identity, and is the seventh Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the manga. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Chibiusa played as Little Godzilla in Princess Zelda VS Hopper (Godzilla VS Space Godzilla)

Chibiusa played as Jane Darling in Ash Pan in Return to Neverland

Chibiusa played Teresa Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (Duchess Human Style).

She and Hotaru played Miss Kitty's Sisters in The Great Meerkat Detective

Chibiusa played as Ducky in The Boy Before Time

Chibiusa played as Sadara Uchiha In Tori :Ashruto the Next Generation

Chibiusa played Olivia Flaversham in The Great Tiger Detective, The Great Pokemon Trainer Detective (Duchess Productions Style) and The Great Z-Fighter Detective.

She played Webby Vanderquack in DuckTales (Human Style)

Chibiusa played Littlefoot in The Land Before Time

Chibiusa played Joy in Inside Out (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

Chibiusa played Little Suzy in Brock Bravo

Chibiusa played Bonnie in Pokemon XY (Ooglyeye Style)

Chibiusa played Cindy in Tori Neutron Series

Chibiusa played Zoe Drake in Dinosaur King (396Movies Style)

Chibiusa played Thumbelina in Rinilina

Chibiusa played Becky Lopez in Tori Shrinks

Chibiusa played Roxanne in The Ash Movie (A Goofy Movie)

Chibiusa played Emmy In Chipmunk Tales (Dragon Tales)

Chibiusa played Crystal in Scooby Doo spoof for 143Movies

Chibiusa played Daphne Blake in Krypto Doo

Chibiusa played Sharon Spit In Braceface 1985Movies Human Style

Chibiusa played Penny in Scooby Doo (Bolt)

Chibiusa played one of Brock's Siblings in Pokemon (160Movies Human Style)

Chibiusa played Brittany Miller in Tori and the Boys (1983)

Chibiusa played Ash In Sing (397Movies Human Style)

Chibiusa played Misty In Pokemon (150Movies Style)

Chibiusa played Princess Kida In Atlantis: The Lost Empire (397Movies Style) and Atlantis 2:Tori's Returns

Chibiusa played Miss Bianca In The Rescuers (397Movies Human Style)

Chibiusa played Pan In Dragon Ball GT (Chris1702 Human Style)

Chibiusa played Serena in Pokemon XY (154Movies Style)

Chibiusa played May in Pokemon Advanced Generation (Chris1703 Style)

Chibiusa played Uran in Astro Rai (1980).

Chibiusa played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (Duchess Human Style).

Chibiusa played John Smith in Atomhontas.

Voice Actors:

  1. Tracey Hoyt (Episodes 54-81, movies) - English (DIC)
  2. Stephanie Beard (Episodes 96-159) - English (Cloverway)
  3. Sandy Fox (VIZ) - English
  4. Kae Araki - Japanese
  5. Misato Fukuen - Japanese (Crystal/Eternal)
  6. Vanessa Garcel (Episodes 60-65, episode 198, movies) - Spanish (Lain American/Mexican)
  7. Cristina Hernandez (Episodes 66-present) - Spanish (Latin American/Mexican)
  8. Isabel Fernandez Avanthay - Spanish
  9. Marta Sainz - Spanish
  10. Elena Ruiz de Velasco - Spanish
  11. Deborah Morese - Italian