Chicago (Sesame Street)

Chicago sesame lion.jpg

Chicago is a vegetarian lion, who appeared on Sesame Street beginning in 1990. Chicago loves to eat vegetables so much that he even loves to play fun chasing games with kids where he has kids dress up as a vegetable and tries to catch them, especially as a broccoli since broccoli is Chicago's favorite vegetable.

Although he was dropped as a major character in 1997, he still popped up occasionally from Season 33 onward (minus eyebrows).

In a 1993 episode, fish explorer Wanda Cousteau dresses up as broccoli in order to hide from the fish-hungry Wolfgang the Seal. Fooled by Wanda's costume, Chicago chases Wanda.

Chicago was also seen at the end of a Play with Me Sesameskit in which Super Grover comes in to save the day at the wrong time, mistaking the pretend noises the viewer makes for the real thing.

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