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Chief McBrusque is a villain in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island.

He Played Captain Hook In Basil Pan

He is Evil Pirate

He Played Kai in Kung Fu Rat 3

He is the Evil Yak

He Played Gavro In D,K TheBluesrockz Animal style

He is a Member another team

He Played In Sailor Gadget

He is a Member

He Played Nef In Sailor Rebecca

He Played Bane In The New Batman Adventures (170Movies Style)

He is a Drug-enhnced super vllian

Voice Actors:

  1. Sherman Howard - English
  2. Jean-Claude Sachot - French
  3. Fabrizio Temperini - Italian
  4. Varga Tamás - Hungarian
  5. Marek Obertyn - Polish
  6. Sami Sutojoki - Swedish


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