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He is a Character From Pocahontas 

He Played Indian Chief in Flynn Pan

He is a indian chief

He Played Chief Arnook In Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is the chief of the Northern Water Tribe

He Played Don Ira Feinberg In Animated Tale

He is Leopard Shark

He Played Captain Panaka in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

He Played Jeong Jeong In Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

He is a Firebender

He Played Raye's Grandpa In Sailor Zoe

He is Raye's Grandpa

He Played Thomas King (Master-at arms) In Titanic (Chris1701 Style)

he is a grumpy officer

He Played King Richard In Dimitri Hood

He is a Lion

He Played Native Chief in The Magic Voyage (Jiminy Cricket Style)