chris1703 spoof of disney Pixar Toy Story


  • Woody - Lewis (Meet the Robinson)
  • Buzz Lightyear - Sammy Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
  • Mr. Potato Head - Shingo Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
  • Rex - Cody (The Rescuers Down Under)
  • Slinky Dog - Scooby Dum
  • Bo Peep - Penny (Bolt)
  • Hamm - Donha (Tai Chi Chaser)
  • Sarge - Max Taylor (Dinosaur King)
  • Sarge's Soldiers - Various Children
  • Andy Davis - Scrappy Doo
  • Mrs. Davis - Georgette
  • Molly Davis - Puppy Lady
  • Sid Phillips - Killer (All Dogs go to heaven)
  • Hanna - Angel (Lady and the Tramp Scamp's Adventure)
  • Scud - Himself
  • Bo Peep's Sheeps - Themselves
  • Mr. Shark - Himself
  • Mr Spell - Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • RC - Simba (The Lion King)
  • Janie - Herself
  • Dinosaur and genie - themselves


  • Lewis:Listen Lightsnack you stay away from Scrappy He's Mine and one take him away from me
  • Sammy Tsukino:What are you talking about where is the Bodding strip
  • Lewis:And nother thing-- Stop with this spaceman thing! It's getting on my nerves!
  • Sammy:Are you saying you want a lodge of complaint with Star Command?!
  • Lewis:Oh, okay. Ooh, well, so you wanna do it the hard way, huh?
  • Sammy Tsukino: Don't even think about it, Cowboy.
  • Lewis:Oh, yeah, tough guy? (Pushes his Helmet Open)
  • (Sammy  Gasps, Choking)
  • Sammy Tsukino: The air isn't Toxic. How dare you open a spaceman's helmet on an uncharted planet. My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets.
  • Lewis:You actually think you the Sammy Tsukino? Oh, all this time I thought it was an act. Hey, guys, look. It's the real Shingo Tsukino.
  • Sammy Tsukino:You're mocking me, aren't you?
  • Lewis:Oh, no, no. No-no-no-no-no.Sammy, look! An Alien!
  • Sammy Tsukino: Where?
  • (Lewis Laughs)

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