A promo of Scooby Doo/Courage the Cowardly Dog Scare-a-Thon.


  • Baloo: Yeow!
  • Duchess: My glasses!
  • (Basil Falls on Brisby)
  • Basil: Sorry, Brisby. I didn't mean to land on you.
  • Mrs. Brisby: I'm fine, Basil. I'm fine.
  • Duchess: Hello! Could you guys get off me? The emergency break is in my eye.
  • Basil: It's no use. The batteries' dead.
  • Duchess: Maybe we can use the phone in that farmhouse.
  • Baloo: Like, I hope the kitchen is still open. I'm wasting away.
  • (Ann Possible Shows Up)
  • (Baloo and Basil Sigh with Relief)
  • Ann Possible: I'm sure our power will come back on soon. Then you kids can make your phone call. Why don't we pass the time by telling each other ghost stories?
  • (Kit and Chip Whimpering)
  • Duchess: Kit is almost more afraid than Chip.
  • James Possible: I'll take that bet. Start the stories, Ann. Let's see which one of these animals is a bigger chicken. (Laughs)
  • Narrator: It's the Chip-ChipMunk/Kit the Cowardly Bear Cub Scare-a-Thon. Coming Soon to YouTube.


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