Chip is a character who appeared from seasons 4-6 of Barney & Friends. He was played by Lucien Douglas. He is Linda's older brother.


Chip lives with his parents and his little sister, Linda. His hobbies include playing baseball.


Barney & Friends

  1. Is Everybody Happy?
  2. We've Got Rhythm
  3. Tick Tock Clocks!
  4. Waiting for Mr. MacRooney
  5. Let's Eat!
  6. Easy, Breezy Day!
  7. Colors All Around
  8. Howdy, Friends!
  9. A Royal Welcome
  10. It's a Rainy Day!
  11. What's in a Name?
  12. Snack Time!
  13. Count Me In! (cameo)
  14. Ready, Set, Go!

Home Videos

  1. amp WannaRunnaRound
  2. Barney's Adventure Bus
  3. Barney in Outer Space
  4. Barney's Night Before Christmas (cameo)

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