Chipper and the chipmunks meet frankenstein vhs cover.jpg



  • Chip as Alvin Seville
  • Dr. Frankenstein as Himself
  • Mr Yesman - Tracey Sketchit (Pokemon)
  • Cartoon Alvin - Squeaks (Looney Tunes)
  • Frankin - Maui


  • Chip: "I'm not the man you want, Natasha. I'll only make you miserable. You want someone who wants to settle down and start a little family."
  • Dale: "Don't tell me what I want, Arthur. You're the only man I've ever loved-- will ever love."
  • Theodore Seville: Oh. Oh. This is where the sister comes in. "Natasha! Natasha! Daddy's gone!"
  • Dale: "No!" (Faints into Chip's Hands)
  • Chip: Don't... touch... the cap.



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