suddenly Jafar and Iago exit the chamber Jasmine Jafar Jafar oh princess  Iago Jafar im stuck Jafar how may i be of service to you Jasmine the gaurds just took a boy and chipmunks and mice from the marketplace under your orders your father has charged me with keeping peace in agrabah they were criminals Jasmine what were their crimes Iago i cant breath Jafar Jafar why kidnapping the princess of course Iago if you could just but Jafar kicks him back Iago wow that hurt Jasmine they didnt kidnapp me i ran away Jafar oh dear oh why frightfully upsetting i had but known Jasmine what do you mean Jafar sadly their sentance has been carried out Jasmine what sentance Jafar death Jasmine no she sobs Jafar i am terribly sorry princess Jasmine how could you she runs off crying but Iago breaks free Iago so how did it go Jafar i think she took it rather well Fat Cat amazing Jafar so how are you going to make them us that lamp Jafar simple Fat Cat watch and learn he changes into an old man Fat Cat oh good plan

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