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meanwhile Aladdin Chip Dale Gadget and Monty are chained up in the dungeon Aladdin she was the princess i dont believe i must have sounded so stupid to her meanwhile Abu and Zipper arrive Aladdin down here Abu c mon help us out Monty thats it Zipper a little closer and they unchain them  and then Abu imiatates the princess Aladdin hey she was in trouble but she was worth it dont worry Abu i ll never see her again im a street rat remember and theres a law shes gotta marry a prince and she derserves it only im a fool Old Man youre only a fool if you give up boy Monty who are you Old Man im a lonely prisoner like yourselves but together perhaps were more Aladdin were listening Old Man there is a cave boy a cave of wonders  filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams he shows them jewels Dale well ill be those jewels are pretty Old Man but thats not all you can even have treasures to impress your princess Iago Jafar could you hurry up im dying in here but Jafar hits Iago Monty but the law says that only a prince can marry a princess Old Man youve heard of the golden rule havent you whoever owns the gold makes the rules he grins showing his bad teeth Chip allright if its that important we will help you but why do you need us Old Man i need a young man with a strong back and strong legs to go in after it Dale well okay then but one problem its out there and were in here Old Man hmm hmm things arent always what they seem so do we have a deal he leads them outside