they walk towards the desert and the Cave returns to the surface of the sand Cave of Wonders who deserves my slumber who Aladdin it is i Aladdin Chip and im Chip Dale im Dale Monty i am Monetery Jack but you may just call me Monty and this is Zipper and represent the rescue rangers your highness Cave of Wonders proceed touch nothing but the lamp Old Man remember boy first fetch me the lamp and then you shall have your reward they enter the cave looking around Monty so that old man wants us to find him that lamp but where could it be Chip im sure its somewhere Dale would you look at all these jewels they could make us more richer then the sultan but Abu tries to touch one but Zipper stops him Aladdin Abu Chip dont touch any jewels now lets look for that lamp the old man wanted us to get him and suddenly a magic carpet emerges and frightens both Abu and Zipper Abu Aladdin Aladdin Abu will you knock it off Monty seriously whats gotten into you guys well i ll be a magic carpet Aladdin come out im not gonna hurt you take it easy Abu its not gonna bite wait a minute dont go maybe you can help us you see were trying to find this lamp and the Carpet point to it Monty well ill be i think he knows where its at lets follow him they run 

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