Genie so what will it be master Aladdin youre gonna grant me any three wishes i want Genie almost there are a few couples of quid pro quos Monty like what Genie rule number one i cant kill anybody he slices his head off so dont ask and he puts his head back on rule number 2 i cant make anybody fall in love with anybody else makes kissy face Monty and whats rule number 3 Genie glad you asked Monty rule number 3 is i cant bring people back from the dead its not a pretty picture i dont like doing it other than that you got it Monty really well lads what do you think Chip some powerful genie cant bring people back from the dead i dont know guys he probally cant get us out of the cave ill guess we will have to find our own way out Genie excuse me excuse me are you looking at me did you rub my lamp did you wake me up did you bring me here and all the sudden youre walking out on me i dont think so not right now youre getting your wishes so sit down in case of emergency the exits are here here here anyway keep your hands and arms inside the carpet were out of here and they ride outside of the cave 

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