meanwhile at the palace the Sultan is upbraiding Jafar Sultan Jafar this is an outrage if it werent for all the years of your loyal service from now on youre to discuss the sentancing of prisoners with me before they are beheaded Jafar i assure you your highness ot wont happen again Sultan Jasmine Jafar  lets put this whole messy business behind us please Jafar my most abject and humblest apologies to you as well princess he takes her hand to kiss it but she yanks it away Jasmine at least some good would come out in being forced to marry when i am queen i will have the power to get rid of you Sultan thats nice all settled then now Jasmine getting back to the suitor business Jasmine but she runs outside Jafar if only i have gotten that lamp Iago i will have the power to get rid of you ahhh do you think we will have  to keep kissing up to that chump sultan and his chump daugther for the rest of our lives Jafar no Iago only untill she finds a chump husband then she ll have us banished or beheaded eww but Iago has an idea Iago wait Jafar what if you were the chump husband Jafar what Wart hold on Jafar what Iago means to say is that you shall marry the princess and be the sultan Fat Cat good idea once Jafars the sultan i too shall rule agrabah that not even the rescue rangers will stop me Jafar oh merry the shrew i become the sultan the idea has married Iago yes yes then we drop papa in law and the little woman off a cliff ah ah ah kersplat Jafar ha ha ha Iago i love how your fowl little mind works 

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