in the desert an evil sorcerer Jafar with his parrot Iago along with Chip n Dales enemies Fat Cat Wart Mepps Snout and Mole seek the help of a greedy and sneaky desert thief named Gazeem Jafar you are late Gazeem a thousand apologizes ol patient one Fat Cat so do you have it Gazeem i had to slit a few throats to get it he pulls it out and Jafar reaches for it but Gazeem yanks it back Gazeem uh ah ah the treasure but Iago flies and snatches it from Gazeem Gazeem ouch and hands it to Jafar Jafar trust me my pungent friend youll get whats coming to you Iago awk whats coming to you awk Fat Cat well what are we waiting for lets put that scarab beetle together and Jafar puts the big together and it flies Jafar quick follow its trail and they run Mole that bug is getting hard to catch Fat Cat quit complaning Mole and catch it but suddenly it creates a huge cave in the shape of a tiger head Cave of Wonders awakes Jafar at last after all my years of searching a cave of wonders Iago awk cave of wonders Fat Cat now Gazeem bring us that lamp the other treasure is youres but the lamp is ours understand and he walks towards it Iago awk the lamp awk the lamp jeez wheres you dig this bozo up Jafar shush Gazeem walks towards the cave Cave of Wonders who deserves my slumber Gazeem it is i Gazeem a  humble thief Cave of Wonders know this only one may enter here one whose worth lies far  within a diamond in the rough he opens his mouth Fat Cat well what are you waiting for get in there Gazeem steps inside but tries to flee but the Cave eats him alive Jafar no Cave of Wonders seek thee out the diamond in the rough as he sinks beneath the sand Iago i dont beleive it were never gonna get ahold of that stupid lamp just forget it im so ticked off im molten Jafar patience patience Iago Gazeem was obivously less then worthy Iago oh thats a big surprise i think im going to have a heart attack and die what are we gonna do we got a big problem a big but Jafar pinches Iagos beak shut Jafar yes we do only one may enter we must find this one this diamond in the rough Mepps hey boss who could this diamond in the rough be Fat Cat no clue Mepps but whoever it is he must be in leaguge with the rescue rangers 

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