meanwhile at the palace the Sultan is still topping his toys and Jafar enters the room Jafar  sir i have found the solution to the problem with your daugther Iago awk the problem with your daughter Sultan oh really Jafar unrolls the scroll Jafar right here if the princess has chosen a husband by the appointed time then the Sultan shall choose for her Sultan but Jasmine hated all those suitors he tries to stuff a cracker in Iagos mouth but Iago backs away how can i choose someone she hates Jafar not to worry my liege there is more Iago is revived but the Sultan stuffs the cracker in his mouth Jafar if in the next event a suitable prince cannot be found a princess but then be wed to hmm interesting Sultan what who Jafar the royal grand viser why that would be me Sultan but i thought the law said only a prince can marry a princess im quite sure of it and Jafar once again hypnotizes the Sultan again Jafar desperate times call for desperate measures my lord you will order the princess to marry me Sultan i will order the princess to marry but youre so old Jafar the princess will marry me Sultan the princess will marry but suddenly there is a parade Sultan what is that music ha ha ha Jafar you must come see this Mercers make way for Prince Ali Swordsmen  make away for Prince Ali Major hey clear the way in the old bazaar hey you let us through its a bright new star now come be the first on the block to meet his eye make way here he comes ring the bells bang the drums oh youre gonna love this guy Prince Ali faboulous is he Ali Ababwa genuflect show some respect down on knee now try your best to stay calm brush up your sunday salaam and come meet his spectacular cotriere Prince Ali mighty is he AlI Abawa strong as ten regular men definitely he faced the galloping hordes a hundred bad guys with swords who sent those goons to their lords why Prince Ali 

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