meanwhile Aladdin goes to Jasmine Aladdin Princess Jasmine Jasmine whos there Aladdin Prince Ali ahem Prince Ali Jasmine i do not want to see you Aladdin no no please princess give me a chance Jasmine just leave me alone and Rajah growls Aladdin good kitty take off down kitty Jasmine wait wait  do i know you Aladdin uh no no Jasmine you remind me of someone i met in the marketplace Aladdin the marketplace a bee buzzes around his neck Aladdin i have servents who go to the marketplace for me why i even  have servants that go to the marketplace for my servants so it couldnt have been me you met Jasmine no i guess not and the bee is Genie Bee enough about you casanova talk about her shes smart fun the hair the eyes anything pick a feature Aladdim um Princess Jasmine youre very Bee wonderful glorious magneficent punctual Aladdin punctual Jasmine punctual Bee sorry Aladdin beautiful Bee nice recovery Jasmine hmm im rich too you know Aladdin yeah Jasmine daughter of the Sultan Aladdin i know Jasmine a fine prize for any prince to marry Aladdin uh right a prince like me Bee warning warning Jasmine yes a prince like you and every other stuffed shirt swaggering peacock ive met Bee mayday mayday Jasmine just go jump off the balcony Aladdin what Bee stop her stop her do you want me to sting her Aladdin buzz off Bee okay  fine but remember bee yourself he hides in his turban Aladdin yeah right Jasmine what Aladdin youre right youre not just some prize to be won you should be free to make your own choices he jumps off the balcony but carpet catches him

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