Jasmine its all so magical Aladdin yeah Jasmine its ashame Abu had to miss this Aladdin no way he hates fireworks he doesnt really like flying either that is oh no Jasmine she takes off his turban you are the boy from the market i knew it why did you lie to me Aladdin Jasmine im sorry Jasmine did you think i was stupid Aladdin no Jasmine that i wouldnt figure it out Aladdin no i mean i hoped you wouldnt no thats not what i meant Jasmine who are you tell me the truth Aladdin the truth the truth is i sometimes dress as a commoner to escape the preasures of palace life but i really am a prince Jasmine well why didnt you tell me Aladdin well you know royalty going into the city in disguise sounds a little strange dont you think Jasmine not that strange later he flies her back home Jasmine goodnight my handsome prince Aladdin sleep well princess and they kiss Aladdin yes he falls for the first time in my life things are going right but the gaurds nab him Rasoul hold him they also have the Rescue Rangers tied up but Carpet fights them so they tie Carpet to a tree Jafar im afraid you overstayed your welcome Prince Aboo Boo Aladdin you Jafar make sure they are never found and they toss them into the sea 

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